Axes in Motion wows at Málaga Jam

Last February saw the 15th edition of Málaga jam, where participants worked together over 48 hours to develop themed video games. A total of 300 participants took part, making the Malaga-based Game Jam the leading face-to-face even in Spain and Europe, and ranking just behind the international Global Game Jam event.

Málaga Jam is a key event for developers, so Axes In Motion just had to be there. As sponsors of the event, our brand image featured on the photocalls and merchandising, and we also mentored game development teams. During the event, our Talent officer also give a live interview on the Málaga Jam Twitch channel, explaining who we are, what we stand for, and how we aim to continue to grow and recruit the best new talent.

One of this high spots of Málaga Jam was the awards, where the team that took the best game prize, by popular vote, was made up entirely of Axes In Motion talent. As well as showcasing their professional chops, the team also provided a window onto the amazing potential within the company.

The event allowed us to share our passion for video games with other professionals, as well as highlighting some of the up-and-coming talent on the Andalusian video game industry.