Always in motion


We decided to start the year by quitting our jobs and creating our game studio with no external funding


Extreme Car Driving Simulator is published!


First employee hired. We’re three!


We don’t fit our initial office and move to a bigger one. There is good in goodbye!


From 4 to 14 in less than 8 months. We need to move again!


AxesInMotion becomes a top developer in F2P market


Extreme Car Driving Simulator reaches 100M downloads!


Over 200M people played our games. That’s 4 times Spain’s population!

About Us

AxesInMotion is a young, fast-growing company based in Seville, Spain. We create and publish some of the most successful games in all major mobile stores, including Extreme Car Driving Simulator.
Our team is composed by the most talented professionals, whose devotion is to provide users fun, entertainment and a memorable gaming experience to millions of users. 

We make, create and publish video-games for everyone, but we specialize in driving simulators having reached more than 30 million downloads in the last year.

We have published more than 30 games across all 4 major platforms -Apple AppStore, Google Play, Windows Phone Store and Amazon AppStore – and published them under 2 divisions: AxesInMotion Casual, focused on casual, short play sessions and AxesInMotion Racing, created to deliver an outstanding simulation experience suitable for all publics.

We have proudly reached the top and featured charts in every app store, including countries like the USA, Canada and Australia, as a show of how much users love our games. We have even held the #1 most downloaded app in several countries!

From time to time, we also make projects for third parties. If you have a project you think that might interest us and fit into our philosophy, don’t hesitate do tell us about it. We’re always glad to hear about cool new projects!

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